knxd with TUL-TPUART, DietPi and openHAB

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To be less sensitive to errors, I decided to set up a separate Raspberry PI for the physical interface (TUL) in my environment.

For this I decided to use DietPi. Since this is based on Debian and has less overhead than other available distributions. The whole fits on a 4GB microSD and runs on a Raspberry PI B, which I still had.

I usually write the image under Windows with the Win32DiskImager. This has always worked perfectly and is very comfortable.

After the first boot you should configure the locales and time zones. You can also install customized software packages using the DietPi GUI.

In the DietPi distribution, only the root user is set up.
Since I would like to install knxd, I set up a user:

When the user is created you should add it to the groups sudo and dialout.

The TPUART adapter has the group dialout, so the knxd-user can access it.


You can now switch to the knxd user to do the knxd installtion.

To do this, follow these instructions:

In addition to the build-essentials, I had to install the following packages:

Since the knxd user is in the group dialout, I don’t had to do whole udev part in the description on github.

I have entered the following options in /etc/knxd.conf:

With the following OpenHAB configuration I can connect to knxd:

In my opinion the installation of knxd is much simpler than that of eibd. The autostart over systemd also works perfectly.

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