openHAB2 on the PINE64 with Z-WAVE

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I bought for openHAB2 a PINE A64+ with 2GB RAM. (

The PINE A64+ does have:
– a quad-core Cortex A53 CPU with 1,2 Ghz
– a 64-bit processor architecture
–  2 GB DDR3 RAM
– and Gigabit Ethernet

As Addons I also ordered the WIFI/Bluetooth Modul and the Z-WAVE Modul.

Since I would like to use the PINE64 for openHAB2 I downloaded the prepared image here:
There, the Z-Wave Controller is already prepared in the openHAB.

If you don’t want to use the preconfigured image, the port of the Z-WAVE controller is:

The user under which openHAB2 runs must be in the group dialout to have the necessary rights to access the interface.
To setup the WIFI the following configuration works best for me:



After I updated the distribution with:

openHAB couldn’t access the Z-WAVE Modul anymore. After some research I have found out that the Java module which is needed for the communication with the serial interface is not available for arm64.
To fix the problem, I finally installed the 32-bit Java version with the following instruction:


After that the openHAB2 has worked reliably with the Z-WAVE module.

The range of the Z-WAVE module is relatively small in my environment.
Currently I use the GWRENS310-F connector. The switching works in the house over 10m. However, the power consumption and energy consumption data can only be transmitted very close to the switch.

openHAB2 update

To update to a current nightly build I use the script makeHAB.


The PINE64 works well together with openHAB2. OpenHAB2 is quickly set up by the prepared image. A community to which you can address your problems is also available.
In the future, I would presumably rely on a Raspi 3 because WIFI and Bluetooth is integrated and because of the size of the PINE64 board.

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